Star Crossed

Star Crossed

All lay still in a midsummer day.
All the foxes quietly lay,
All was lovely but not more than what I say –
For it was Rowena from fen who was making the hay.
Her hair sparkled matte black like the dark hearth stars.
Her beauty – from old, born distances afar,
Although her beauty was worth a czar,
Let’s take a look at her deep, inner scars.
In times of old, like all the legends
And myths,
We find Rowena upon a monolith.
And stood by her side – a very handsome young man – John Carcass the Fifth,
One of the sons of a renowned booksmith.
Although they may be,
Star Crossed Lovers,
Let us explore their first meet,
The one that they cover.
It was a cold winter’s night, the joy of the sprinkling snow,
John lay buried in these flakes, with tears a-flow.
Though our little girl Rowena had better things to look at; to be shown,
She had to help the little boy – the heir to the throne.
She ploughed the snow off his jagged chest,
And asked him what was wrong – and listened to him mutter underneath his breath –
“My mother has left, O-Ho! O-Ho!”
Now my father, the king, needs her – and now i am
Left alone, O-Ho!”
The little girl helped him up, brushing away the wind,
“Do not worry, silly boy, for I’ll be your friend”
They laughed and giggled all the way to Rowena’s abode,
Where when they stepped in side, for the first time, Rowena a strode,
“Welcome!” she said “To my humble abode!”
Prithibee Tajwar
Year Six Student, Sydney

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